April 17, 2011

Maggie's Willy adopted!

Congratulations to Maggie's Willy, who found his forever home with the Cali family.

Willy came to us from ARTT, where he had been found suffering from ehrlicchia and ear infections. After getting the treatment he needed, Maggie asked if GRCGLAR would take him - of course we said yes! He made the trip to the US in March, and adjusted quickly to living in sunny CA. He's a happy, friendly guy who loves to play fetch and get lots of love. He came in on a Sunday, and since there were no vets open and I had all the puppies at my house, he stayed overnight with my sister Cindy, who is also fostering Coquette. He fit right in and is such an easy dog that he was welcome to stay until his forever home was found.

The Calis recently lost their GRCGLA Rescue dog Lucky (formerly Cloverleaf) and the whole family missed having a furry guy around the house. And they had all the qualities Willy was looking for - lots of people to love him, some boys to throw the ball for him, a loving home with good food and people around most of the day. Ms Cali told me that before they left to go meet Willy, she wasn't sure if she was ready to let another pup in her heart just yet. But, as soon as they met Willy the whole family knew he was the perfect guy to help them over their sadness of losing Lucky. He is quickly training his new family to walk him, play with him, feed him and love him, and they are quick learners!

Willy will be forever grateful to Maggie Chen & ARTT for finding him, getting him well and sending him to us. He's thankful to Barbara D. for accepting him into the rescue. He was tickled to meet the Welcome Waggin' despite it being a cold, rainy night. He thanks Cindy L. and Coquette for making him so welcome while he was waiting for the Cali family (and we know he was waiting for them - there were two other families that had scheduled meetings with this wonderful boy and cancelled at the last minute). And he thanks Colleen and Gabe for doing the Cali's home visit.

Welcome home Willy!