August 15, 2011

Rita's Ju-Zi adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Ju-Zi, who found her forever home with the Maatta faily.

Ju-Zi was found by a friend of Rita's last year, and when she had difficulty finding a home for Ju-Zi, she asked Rita & MJ if they could help. Here is her video: They contacted us and she arrived last month with Casey & Tina. She's a small girl, at about 45 lbs, and a bit shy, but has been doing great since she got to the US.

The Maatta family has a Daschund and lost a Golden Retriever last year. They decided it was time to add another Golden to their family and contacted us a few months ago. We've been looking for the right pup for them, and initially called them about Casey. Lilly thought Ju-Zi might be a better fit since she was a few years older, and we quickly set up a meeting. The family came out to Culver Palms, along with a friend and their doxie Cooper. The family all liked Ju-Zi right away and she felt the same way and happily jumped in the car when it was time to go home. She's doing great in her new home, learning to play with Cooper. Her new name is Sunny, which fits her bright personality.

Ju-Zi thanks Rita & MJ for taking her in and getting her to us here in CA, and Barbara D. for approving her move. She was so happy to see the Welcome Waggin' after being in her crate for a longer than planned time due to a busy airport. She stayed overnight with me and then has been at CP where she's been able to get out with the walkers, who she thanks. She's grateful to Elaine & John M. for doing the home visit on her new family, and to the placement team and Eva for helping to match her up with this wonderful family.

Welcome home Ju-Zi!