August 11, 2011

Rita's Brian adopted!

Rita's Brian has decided to live out his days with his foster mom, Sandy and her family! Brian's fit right into that family unit, and his favorite activity is wrestling with his younger brother, Woody. Having arrived in this country from Taiwan back in January, Brian's spent most of his life in the states with this crew, and we just can't see that changing!

Brian (who will remain Brian!) is most grateful to his rescuers, Rita and MJ, who found him and made him safe, getting him well and shipping him to the states so he could start his new life here. Thanks go out to the Welcome Waggin' for making his entry into the states a joyful one, and to first foster Krista DelColliano for making him feel right at home. Brian appreciates the help of the team at Culver Palms and the WLA dog walkers who keep things busy and happy for the boarders there. And thanks to the Placement Team for their efforts, although finding a better home for him than this one would have been a very tall order indeed!