August 11, 2011

Rita's Tina adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Tina, who has found her forever home with the Koran family.

Tina is one of our recent transplants from Taiwan. Rita and MJ found her in a shelter where she was suffering from a skin condition. Under their expert care she quickly improved and was ready to make a new life for herself in California. Here's a video of Tina before she came to us: . She came in with Ju-Zi and Casey last month and has been hanging out with new foster mom Mary Jane and learning dog-cat manners. Tina introduced Mary Jane to the concept of counter surfing in return.

This is the first dog for the Koran family. In their search for the right pup they realized a dog a bit older would be the best way to learn how it is to be owned by a dog, and they also wanted a pup who wouldn't overly annoy their cats. Tina seemed like she'd be a great fit and the family went out meet her. Since it was such a big decision and they knew it would be a big change in their lives, they thought about it overnight and the family all decided Tina was the dog for them. They came back to make it official and take this very sweet girl home. She's going great and they are having fun learning all about her, say she is wonderfully behaved and the all love her (well, except for the cats who are on strike and in hiding for now.)

Tina thanks Rita & MJ for finding her in the shelter, getting her well and sending her to the US. She thanks Barbara D. for approving her trip to CA, and the Welcome Waggin for meeting her at the aiport. It was a particularly busy night when she and the other girls came in and there was a long delay going through customs and immigration. Tina and her pals were soooooo very happy to get out of their kennels at last! Tina thanks Mary Jane for fostering her, and she thanks Joan and Ed for checking out this terrific home. Finally, she thanks the Placement Team and PA Eva for finding her a wonderful match. In the excitement of bringing her home they forgot to get their picture taken, but promise to send a family photo soon.

Welcome home Tina!