August 17, 2011

Update from Rita's Brian

From Brian's adopter, Sandy...

I am so happy this wonderful pup made his way to the US and thank Rita & MJ from the bottom of my heart. I immediately liked him when he arrived from Taiwan....well, I like them all but there was something special about him, but it just worked out I took a different dog home that night. We discovered that both his hips were in pretty bad shape - so we did an FHO on the worst side. He's also got some issues with his knees and hocks and all of this scared off potential adopters. After his surgery he went to stay with foster home Nanette and when she moved to Colorado a few months ago he came to stay with me. He also stayed for a short time with foster Jane J. when the Nanette went on vacation.

Brian is a goofy guy with a big fluffy coat and a stubborn streak. He's pretty quiet except when he plays tug with Woody - then he'll bark and growl with the toy in his mouth while getting dragged across the floor by Woody (links to his videos are below). Even though he can't jump, he is an expert countersurfer who is particularly fond of bread. He's learned to stretch his neck, sometimes propping himself up on the kitchen drawer pull and he'll grab the bag of whatever is on the counter, pull it down and inhale it. He once got ahold of a 5 lb tray of hamburger that was thawing on the counter - he got full after about 2-1/2 lbs. He hates going outside (except to go on walks) and you have to go out with him, tell him to do his business and wait for him to finish. As soon as he's done he runs right back inside and straight to the spot where the treats are kept - his second favorite spot in the house. (I like to think his favorite spot is laying next to me when I'm on the computer.) He and Woody are the best of friends and play all the time. He tries to play with Ori, but she's a bit of a princess. She does like to push him out of the way when he's getting attention - its all about her! But Brian doesn't mind - he'll just run over to see if he can get a treat instead. I'm so lucky to have found this sweet goofball!