April 4, 2013

Rita's Benny adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Benny, who found her forever home with failed foster parents Jan and pups, Corby and Taylor.

Benny came to us from Taiwan last year. When she was found by Rita and MJ she was emaciated, was heartworm positive and had pyometria, as well as skin problems. Under the wonderful care of Rita, MJ and their team, this sweet girl blossomed and regained her health and was finally able to make the trip to us.

Jan and Greg had seen her initial video and asked if they could foster her as her story really touched their hearts. They were pretty insistent they didn't want to adopt a third dog, but did want to provide a loving temporary home for Benny. Well, Benny had different plans, and figured the way to get to Jan and Greg was through Corby and Taylor. She is a funny, loving and playful girl and was a perfect fit for these boys. Seeing how far Corby and Taylor had fallen for Benny, Jan and Greg realized they had fallen for her, too.

Benny thanks Rita and MJ for being there for her and getting her healthy enough to travel to California. She thanks the Welcome Waggin' for meeting her at the airport, and Jan, Greg, Corby and Taylor for fostering her and falling in love with her and letting her stay. Here is a picture of her (in front) with Corby and Taylor.

Welcome home Benny!