April 5, 2013

Maggie's Alexander adopted!

Congratulations to Maggie's Alexander, who found his forever home with the Georgeson family.

Alexander originally came to us a couple of years ago and was adopted, but was recently returned due to some unexpected health changes in his family. He's a very sweet boy with a mischevious personality and if he's bored he'll get into stuff and particularly likes to eat books! So he asked us to find him a family where he had someone to play with and where his people were around most of the time so he didn't have a chance to get bored and into trouble. The Georgesons have 7-month-old Nickel and recently lost their senior Golden, leaving Nickel sad and without a playmate. This looked like a great opportunity for Alexander and when we presented him as a potential match the family was eager to set up a meeting.  He and Nickel hit it off right away and the Georgesons were completely charmed by him. They report that he's a great dog and very well behaved, and its Nickel who is the mischief-maker in the family. They are calling him Hunter, which is what his former family had named him.

Alexander thanks ARTT and Maggie for his initial rescue. He thanks the CP dog walkers for his regular exercise during this brief stay at CP, and Nestor and Bobby for fostering him until we could find his new family. He thanks Jo Anne for doing the home visit on his new family, and the placement team and PA Eva for finding him such a great match.

Welcome home Maggie's Alexander!