April 26, 2013

Rita's Morticia adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Morticia, who found her forever home with failed foster parents Kathy and Art.

Morticia came in about a month ago from Taiwan. When Rita and MJ found her she was very emaciated and suffered from heartworm disease. The girls helped her to get well and gain some weight and then she happily made her way to us ready to find a new home. Art and Kathy are previous adopters, who recently lost their pup Keegan suddenly to hemangiosarcoma after just 10 months with them. As you can imagine, they were devastated to lose him. Although they were still grieving, we asked if they would take an overnight guest when the latest dogs came in from Taiwan. Morticia very quickly decided that Art and Kathy needed her and called to say she was staying put. She has made herself completely at home and got around Kathy's rule of no dogs on the sofa by laying on top of Kathy while Kathy was on the sofa - pretty smart, heh? This sweet girl is so loved and her charming personality has helped Art and Kathy with their grief over losing Keegan.

Morticia is so very thankful that Rita and MJ found her and got her well then sent her to California. She thanks the Welcome Waggin' for meeting her when she arrived at LAX, and she thanks Art and Kathy for welcoming her into their home and their hearts. She has changed her name to Bailee, or more appropriately, Princess Bailee.

Welcome home Morticia/Bailee!