April 26, 2013

Rita's Cooper adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Cooper, who has found his forever home with multi-time failed foster parents Jo Anne and Andy, and their dogs, Coach, Shiloh and (for a short time) Goldie.

Cooper was found by Rita and MJ in a shelter. His original owner got married and moved to the US, leaving him with her elderly father. When the father could no longer care for him, he ended up in the shelter in poor condition. Thankfully Rita and MJ were able to get him and help bring him back to good health. Jo Anne and Andy had offered to foster a pup to help us get someone out of boarding. When Cooper came in I asked Jo Anne if she would take him - "of course - I love him!" - was Jo Anne's response. It didn't take long for Jo Anne and Andy to decide Cooper needed to become a Delle Dog. He has a funny personality and these silly bottom teeth that look like those fake monster teeth - plus his lip gets caught on his teeth all the time so he cracks you up just looking at him. Then his silliness keeps you going! He has made himself quite at home and is keeping Jo Anne on her toes.

Cooper will be forever grateful to Rita and MJ for finding him, getting him well and sending him to us. He thanks the Welcome Waggin' for meeting him at LAX and to Jo Anne and Andy and their pups for offering him a loving forever home. Jo Anne will send pictures out.

Welcome home Cooper!