June 11, 2010

Barley (Rita's Michael) has quickly become a dear member of our family. His days consist waking up on one of his three beds, a hearty breakfast, a little playtime with a few of his growing pile of toys, a short walk, and off to work. He clocks in at around 8 and usually puts in a full day, clocking out around 6. His workday involves lots of petting from any and all of our staff members and clients, several marathon sessions of tug-o-war, a few spastic laps around the inside of the hospital, mixed with several walks to smell the flowers which usually results in a healthy nap around 3.

He is the sweetest, most loving dog we have ever met. We feel so fortunate to have him in our lives. He is very photogenic, so pics will follow shortly. He is already a hit on our hospital's Facebook page! (Rancho Viejo Animal Hospital)


Chris & Leslie