June 20, 2010

Congratulations Rita's Pang-Pang

Rita's Pang-Pang was adopted today by Sharon, George and their dog, Petey.  This spirited and confident girl finally found a great match in Sharon who is an absolute dog lover and fell head over heels for Pang-Pang. 

Pang-Pang thanks Rita and MJ for rescuing her off the streets in Taiwan and giving her safe passage to our Welcome Waggin' crew in the U.S.   Marty F. and his companion, Beth, were part of the welcome crew the night that Pang-Pang arrived and what was supposed to be a brief overnight foster stay turned into several weeks.  We are grateful to Marty and Beth for keeping PP and working with this sweet girl who was in need of training in the social graces.  I know that Sharon will continue the good work in terms of a commitment to PP's training.  Thank you Lisa D. for doing the homevisit.

We anticipate seeing Pang-Pang making the rounds visiting senior citizens several months down the road as Sharon is eager to take her to the facility where she works.