June 1, 2010

Rita's Michael adopted!

Rita's Michael was adopted this weekend by Chris and Leslie of Irvine! This sweet boy captured the hearts of everyone he met including his foster mom, Sandra D., who was sad to see him go but so thrilled that he landed himself a forever home with two loving humans (both who happen to be veterinarians). Early reports indicate that Michael (newly named Barley) has wriggled his way into their hearts and they feel as if he's been with them forever. We expect that Barley will probably become their ambassador golden at their Mission Viejo vet clinic greeting other humans and canines. He's perfect for that role with a social, friendly and easy going personality.

Much thanks goes to Rita and MJ from Taiwan who rescued this sweet boy as a stray from the streets. Thanks to Barbara D., Ira L. and the Welcome Waggin Crew who helped Michael upon arrival in Southern California.
Big thanks to Sandra, her family and her rescue golden, Brisco, for giving Michael a resting haven until his forever adoption. Finally thanks to Leslie W., Cindy T. and Quincy for doing the homevisit for this lovely couple and true dog lovers!

Congratulations Michael (Barley)! You are a real inspiration ~