June 2, 2010

Rita's Jack Boy adopted!

Rita's Jack Boy's holiday weekend ended on a high note, as he adopted the Cooper Family! This lovely fellow came over with the last batch of Project Taiwan dogs and has been patiently reviewing applications looking for just the right opportunity. His moment arrived when his new mom contacted me to see if her family was a match for JB.

Jack Boy owes his undying gratitude to Rita and MJ who saved him and found a way to send him to us, and to Ira and the WW crew, who met him and his traveling buddies and helped them make their grand entrance to the states. JB sends love and thanks to the CP dog-walking crew, who helped him get his sea legs and start to learn a bit about southern California culture, and particularly to Sandy D. and Jessica R., who made the happy meeting possible. Special thanks go out to Lori B., who scouted out this fine home for him.

Congratulations, Jack Boy, on the start of a great new life!