June 1, 2011

Happy 2-Year Gotcha Day, Kai!

Today is Kai's 6th birthday and his 2nd year with us. Because no one knows his actual birthdate we chose 5/31 since it was the day Kai came into our lives.

He is very much loved, and spoiled. He is so very smart when he wants to be... He loves being here in San Clemente, although this past winter was hard on his bones. He continues to surprise all of us with his sudden outbursts of speed and his ability to jump into a chair and out again. Kai has trained me so that if he sits at my feet and barks at me, I know he wants to sit in my chair.

We are so thankful to Maggie and Joseph of ARTT for not letting him die in the hospital, and to you and everyone else at GRCGLA Rescue for allowing us to make Kai a very much loved member of our family.

David and Sonsee