June 20, 2011

Maggie's Alexander adopted!

Congratulations to Maggie's Alexander, who found his forever home with the Andre family.

Alexander came to us from Maggie & ARTT. We don't know his history, but this handsome, goofy boy has a great present and future and isn't spending any time looking back! He came to CA in April and has been spending time with Debbie & Paul G. while waiting for his forever home. He got along great with their dogs and his terrific personality charmed them enough for them to overlook some of his mischieviousness. When he ate part of Debbie's War & Peace book she just said it was a really long book and she didn't have time to read it, so no big deal. The Andre family was looking for a new addition to their family and a companion for their dog Penny. The Placement Team thought they would provide a wonderful home for Alexander and after talking to them they agreed he sounded like a fit. The family drove out to meet Alexander on Saturday and it didn't take long for them to know he was the one. I got a note that he is settling in just fine and he and Penny are having blast playing.

Alexander thanks Maggie and ARRT for finding him and sending him to CA, and Barbara D. for approving his trip to us. He was ecstatic to meet the Welcome Waggin' team and thanks Nestor and Bobby for taking him home overnight. He's so happy to have been able to spend the last couple of months with Debbie and Paul and will be forever grateful to them for helping him along with his training. He thanks Laura M. for scouting out his new family. And, he gives a big Paw Up to the Placement Team and PA Dona for finding him such a great match. We weren't able to get a picture, but the Andres promise to send one in soon.

Welcome home Alexander!