June 20, 2011

Rita's Mia adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Mia, who found her forever home with the Meppen family.

Mia was rescued from a shelter by Rita and MJ last year. They got her healthy and ready to come to the US, and she arrived here in March, along with Nina. She has been staying with foster dad Tom W. One of the first things she did when she got to his house was dive in the pool - she loves to swim, play with balls and play with her foster brother and sisters. The Meppen family lost their last dog about two years ago, and decided to wait for their kids to get a bit older before bringing in a new dog. They recently decided now was the time. In reviewing their application and home visit, the Placement Team felt they would be a great home for Mia. She looked so solemn in her pictures, that she wasn't one of the dogs they were looking at, but after talking to us and to Tom they realized she sounded perfect. And when they met her in person, they found out that she was indeed perfect for them. She is already settling in and the Meppens adore her.

Mia thanks Rita & MJ for getting her out of the shelter and into rescue in Taiwan, and Barbara D. for approving her trip to the US. She was so happy to have the Welcome Waggin' waiting for her and gives doggy kisses. She thanks Tom W. for giving her such a great temporary home. She's grateful to Eva for doing the home visit that identified this terrific family. And she thanks the Placement Team and PA Dona for making the perfect match. Attached is a picture of Mia with her new family.

Welcome home Mia!