June 18, 2011

Just wanted to update you on Macy. She is doing amazingly well. She is so sweet, gentle, well behaved and adorable. Everyone who has met her adores her. As you know, Morgan, who passed away in March, was a therapy dog. She was certified with Delta and visited at the Childrens Hospital of Orange County. Macy has all the right personality traits to be an amazing therapy dog. She loves all people, is very gentle and well behaved and nothing much (loud noises etc) phases her. Unfortunatey with my business commitments - I do not have time to do therapy work with Macy. However, a friend of mine who I met doing therapy work - her dog passed away recently and she adores Macy and is now working with her to be a therapy dog. She hopes to take the test with her in October. In preparation for the test - Macy is going lots of places with Dalene - on Friday night she went to the Irvine Spectrum and had dinner there. Literally - Macy gets out more than I do. Dalene also teaches piano - so Macy is going once a week to “piano lessons” - so she can meet the kids and learn to sit quietly while they have their piano lessons. I am so delighted - since I think she gets bored sitting all day long in my home office - even so I do take her for two walks a day and out to play at lunch time, she does enjoy meeting new people a lot and I think she and Dalene will be a great therapy team. Perhaps in the next few years my schedule will lighten up and I can take her as well.

I attached a picture of Macy “in full flight” She has the most comical run - kind of “bounces along” - it cracks everyone up!!! Probably because she walked on three legs for the first part of her life. As you can see in the one picture she is running on two legs on the same side of her body. She just looks “full of joy” when she runs - as demonstrated in the pictures. Also a more “serious” picture of her with her newest “prized possession!”

I will keep you posted on her therapy dog training.