June 1, 2011

Update from Rita's Gary

These wonderful-gorgeous Goldens have been a part of our lives for many years. In recent years we have adopted mostly senior Goldens, five now through GRCGLAR, usually have two at a time, but we were so smitted by Gary that we decided we had to include Gary in our family. Don't know how many pictures you have seen of Gary - he's like this big lumbering, white bear, and such a fun and loving big fellow. And he gets along so nicely with our other two fellows Moof and Buddy. I will include a few pictures and we are working on getting a couple of pictures of Gary's new parents (us) so that the Taiwanese rescuers can see who we all are. When you see these guys and gals you can't help but have a moment of wonder about their history but it is probably just as well to stayed focus on the new lives we are giving them. My blessings to all who made it possible for Gary to enter our lives. I can assure you he will have the lovingest of homes - we are devoted to our Golden guys.

- Paul