August 9, 2010

Postcard from Lucky (formerly Rita's Seven)

Lucky and I got through our first week together. He is a very sweet mellow boy.  We enjoy our walks together...he goes completely bonkers over bunnies and squirrels and kitties! He hops up and down on all fours and wants to chase them. He is becoming less nervous, although he still likes to be held and loved (as you saw). This is OK, because I love to pet him.  He started (just a little bit) to play with some toys and is not quite so nervous over his food...a little less counter surfing.  He sleeps comfortably by my bed, and he hasn't had any accidents in the house.  We even got through our first bath!  I wouldn't say that he loved it, but he behaved nicely and didn't go crazy. He smells much better and gets lots of hugs and kisses.  He does not like to have his tail brushed... which is pretty funny because I love to brush him and he just plants his little fanny on the floor and 'dares me' to figure out how to brush it that way.