August 23, 2010

Update from Sierra (Rita's Fiona)

Sierra's doing great! Continuing to shine and come out of her shell more every week. We've completed her basic training and keep working on it every day. She really is fun!

She's beginning to play/interact with other dogs more, but still showing signs of resource guarding (just with dogs, not people). She has a best dog friend down the street and they love playing together (when she's not guarding the ball). She makes friends with everyone she meets and loves rides in the car. She sometimes refuses to go for a walk and instead drags me by leash to the car. She's definitely not shuttle about what she wants.

This past weekend we had a family BBQ and all the family dogs attended too! She had so much fun running and chasing after balls with them all day, that night she curled up next to me and fell asleep with her head in my lap and the ball still in her mouth.

Here's two recent pictures of Sierra in her forever home.