August 3, 2010

Hi from Ollie (formerly Rita's Boss)

To my friends at GRCGLA - I am enjoying the summer here in Chino Hills. I thought I'd show you a couple of pictures of my favorite ways to stay cool. In the first one I went swimming in Jackson Lake in the mountains after a hike. Too bad the snow is all gone, but the lake was nice. I even fetched a few sticks to make the folks happy. The second one is me in a great hole I dug under the lavender bush in the back yard. Its nice and cool, and the leaves above make a nice shady cave. I have a big peach tree in my yard and I like to get the peaches when nobody is looking!

I went to visit Katie in San Diego last week. My favorite place was La Jolla. They really like dogs in La Jolla and my people were even allowed to take me to a restaurant - I didn't have to stay home. If the people eat in the outdoor tables lots of restaurants let them take their dog. I was very well behaved and never ask to be fed from the table like some other dogs. Lots of people we saw wanted to pet me and they said I sure am a happy boy! When I got back from that trip I was so tired I slept almost the whole next day.

I am looking forward to seeing everybody at Dogtoberfest!