August 31, 2010

Hannah (formerly Rita's Alinna) lovin' life!

Dear Hannah is the joy of all our lives. She is so happy and loves life here in America. She has been with us for 6 months now and we can see each day her trust and love for us grow.

Hannah is about to finish her intermediate obedience class. She loves to go to obedience and mix with the other dogs. All the practice has paid off and she is the best by far in her class. The thing we love about Hannah is that she seems to be smiling. She is so very happy. First thing in the morning she runs out of her crate and greets me and then she checks all her toys to make sure they are still there. I would think food would be her first item of interest, but that is not so. Hannah is a pure lady and very gentle. She is calm and yet playful.

We often wonder what was her past life like, but we know we are blessed to have her and we are sure she feels the same way. We all cannot begin to thank you for rescuing Hannah. She has completed our home and bought new life to all of us. She really has hung her leash up and knows she is home.

Thank you and keep up the wonderful work of bringing all of us 'golden blessings'


The Ringland Family
Joann, Bill, Tricia, William and Hannah!!!