August 16, 2010

Pang Pang touches many lives

Pang Pang is already touching so many lives!

She has completed 30 hours of training and is taking her Therapy Dog exam this Tuesday evening. We believe she will pass, because she enjoys “showing her stuff.” You can tell that David, her trainer, is very proud of her and that she enjoys her time with him. I will let you all know how she does.

At work Pang Pang delights our seniors every day. They call her, “our dog” and are delighted with her greetings, kisses and constant tale-wagging. We introduced her in the newsletter last month and residents have flocked in to see her. The property marquee sign says, “Come Meet Pang Pang!” She will have her own column and photo every month in the newsletter. She loves to ride in golf carts and our maintenance staff and security guards get the biggest kick out of driving her around. I swear, if she could learn the princess wave it would not surprise me! She visits our on-site groomer once a week, romps around the Dog Park and wanders through the administrative offices.

At home Pang Pang is Petey’s big sister, and she tolerates his wet Boxer kisses and constant urging to play. She has learned to love him and of course he just adores her. She is all about the balls and toys and will chase them forever, with Petey close on her tail. They are so much fun to watch – a constant source of entertainment. She is happiest with me and actually becomes anxious when I pick up my purse without putting her on leash. She is with me almost always. There is no way to describe how close I feel to her after such a short period of time. She is so incredibly special.

I know how much my dogs have impacted my life so it should not be surprising to see how much Pang Pang means to our seniors. I have been amazed though, at her understanding and compassion. This is a tough time for seniors. They have to deal with their health problems, loved ones who are ill and many issues related to the economy. It is the hardest part of my job because there are some things we just can’t fix, although we try very hard. Pang Pang senses the distress and calmly lays her head in the lap of a weeping woman, who instantly is distracted from her concerns. How wonderful to be able to take her into a resident’s home who is unable to leave her bed and see the smiles and warm touches. For those who cannot afford a pet or who cannot care for one, she offers the company and unconditional love that they crave. She is truly theirs and they have embraced her.

For me, Pang Pang is a true inspiration to learn more about how she can help others – in areas that we (humans) cannot. She is also an inspiration for those who are considering adopting a pet, and I want to help ensure there is more awareness in regard to this need.

Again, my sincere thanks to all of you for helping make Pang Pang an important part of so many lives. She has completely worked her way into our hearts. Please know that she could not be more loved!