February 10, 2011

Photos from Blonde (Rita's HiHi)

Here's some pictures of Blonde, most are at our friend's house in NM where she learned about snow! As you can see, they have lots of property, five dogs, and she loved to run free with the pack. We had one anxious time when she disappeared on her own for about 15 minutes and we went frantic trying to find her, but pretty soon here she comes from the area that we had gone for a walk in that morning…seemed to say “So what’s the big deal?” (Crazy mutt!)

She is getting better all the time...the more tired we make her, the better she is!

She has the gentlest mouth in taking treats…never snaps or lunges; however, we are still working on her possessiveness with rawhide. Only rawhide, not other toys, and this is something we really have to overcome, but we are gently moving through it and know it could take several more months.

We’ve had her since Dec. 11th, and she is not the same dog. We’re still waiting for that one day when the light comes on bright and we know she has fully bonded, and know it will come soon.

Happy trails,
Rick & Mary