February 1, 2011

Rita's Lecca adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Lecca, who has found her forever home with Mindy, Charlie and Chelsea!

Lecca was found by Rita & MJ in a shelter in October. They made sure she was healthy and as she spent more time in her foster home she became more and more playful. She was quickly ready to come to the US, and arrived here in early January 2011. Tom W. offered to take her home overnight after picking her up at the airport, and she turned out to be such a sweet and easy girl that he offered to foster her through adoption (despite having two other foster dogs!) Last week when we had some warm weather, we learned that Lecca loved to swim!

Mindy, Charlie and Chelsea lost their labs about a year ago and finallyy decided they were ready for another dog. Mindy contacted me about Lecca and they seemed like a great fit - they have lots of time to spend with her, a wonderful yard and.....a pool! Tom set up a meeting at their home and Lecca immediately decided she was in heaven. She fell in love with this family, and they with her. Tom got the following email from Mindy:

Hi Tom,

Thank you so much for the pictures of Lecca and our family. She is settling in and I am afraid I have exhausted her with our morning walk already. Today we walked what I hope will be our ritual: to the top of Canoga, which is pretty steep, back down to visit the horses and over to the Llama lady's house. Beverly who runs a ranch in the area let her horses and donkey come up to the gate to visit Lecca. Neither one really knew what to do with the other they all just stared at each other for a while. Lecca especially loved the Llamas. She seemed to think that she was the boss but kept her distance and was grateful for the fences and gates.

We are trying to figure out a new name but haven't found one that sticks for all of us yet. I'm voting for an Alaskan name of a town like Sitka, because that's my favorite place and I will be taking her up there this summer.

Again, thank you and your agency's work. We are so happy Lecca is ours and we will keep you up to date.


Lecca is so thankful to Rita & MJ for finding her in the shelter and sending her to CA. She's grateful to Barbara D. for approving her trip to us, and to the Welcome Waggin' who gave her such a warm welcome at the airport. She will always remember Tom and the gang for giving her a place to hang out until she found this most fabulous family (and for letting her swim!). And she also thanks Elaine & John for doing the home visit so this match could happen. Attached is a picture of her new family. Welcome Home Lecca!