February 19, 2011

Update from Rita's Alice

Good Morning,

We just celebrated our 2 year anniversary with Buddy, and our 1 year anniversary with Alice, and didn't want it to pass unnoticed!

I knew exactly what I wanted when I first came to the GRCGLA website. I needed a loving, older soul to help teach my little dog to be calm. That same week, Buddy was turned in and brought to Culver Palms (which just happened to be my vet's office). It was absolutely love at first sight. He was 9 years old, and unflappable! I brought my little pup over and he didn't bat an eye. I brought him home to foster him, but turned in the adoption papers that same week. It didn't work out quite as I planned, because instead of him calming the little dog down, she taught him how to bark and chase everything! He is the perfect Golden.

Then I tried my hand at fostering, again. I was fairly successful at being an interim house for pups who were at CP a little longer than desired.

When we got the notice that a group was coming in from Taiwan last January, I was happy to go to the airport for the Welcome Waggin. It was determined that 2 out of the 3 dogs had a place to stay, and could I possibly take one of the dogs, just for the night...

Sandy took one and Kriss brought the other two over to her house, while I attended my son's soccer game. I made my husband come over afterward so HE could pick out the pup that we would foster (thinking that he wouldn't notice that I took this on without asking him if I pretended it was his choice!). I was sure that he was going to pick Evan (beautiful, sleek, healthy young male), but much to everyone's surprise, he fell in love with Alice right then and there (older, overweight, ear infections, heart condition...).

After the doctors determined that even though her spleen was larger than anything they had ever seen, her heart seemed strong, so we were allowed to officially adopt her.

The love affair continues, each day more precious than we could have dreamed.

We are truly appreciative for our pups and grateful to everyone that works so hard to make this group what it is - AMAZING!

Thank you!


Chevy & Dave