February 1, 2011

Rita's Mimi adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's MiMi, who has found her forever home with Joel and Bari last night!

MiMi was found by Rita & MJ abandoned in an alley near a night market where she stayed for 10 days waiting for her owner to return but never did. Hard to imagine that anybody could have abandoned such a sweet girl who captured the hearts of her foster family and Joel and Bari.

Lifetime Golden owners and lovers and former adopters, Joel and Bari were heartbroken over losing Rikki about a year ago. They finally decided that another Golden was definitely a must for them. After meeting MiMi last night, Joel was totally smitten and MiMi hung out with him next to his side. She hopped off in their car and headed out to start her new life as a Palm Springs gal!

MiMi is so thankful to Rita & MJ for finding her, takin her in and flying her to CA. She's grateful to Barbara D. for approving her trip to us, and to the Welcome Waggin' who gave her such a warm welcome at the airport. MiMi is very thankful to Debbie G. and her family who fostered her and gave her a safe loving environment in preparation for her adoption. Much thanks to Sanya for the home visit. Pictures to follow soon!