February 6, 2011

Rita's Mitchell adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Mitchell, who has found a new home with Kathy and Don, and their dogs, Princess and Russell.

Mitchell was a last minute addition to the most recently group of Goldens who came from Taiwan. We were told he was very scared and shy and afraid of quick movements and loud noises. We were pretty surprised at how outgoing he was when the Welcome Waggin' met him - he was a very happy, wiggly guy who looked like a puppy. He went home overnight with Elaine and John M. and then spent a couple of days at Culver Palms waiting for his foster family to open up. New fosters, Bill and Mary J. agreed to let Mitchell hang out with them and their Lab, Savannah. Mitchell enjoyed his time with Bill and Mary, and when their scheduleds change he moved over to my house to wait for his forever home.

Kathy and Don have two other mixed breed dogs and were missing having a Golden in their home and lives. They have rescued dogs in the past and it felt natural for them to turn to GRCGLAR for their next pup. One of their dogs, Russell, is quite shy, so they are used to dealing with this and have a nice, quiet home for their dogs - they felt they could provide a wonderful environment for Mitchell. They came out to meet Mitchell and he agreed - he got along great with Princess and Russell and he was very happy to hop in the car and go home with them. Kathy reports he is doing well, he and Russell have been playing chase and he is also entertaining himself (and the rest of the family) with ice cubes, toys and rearranging the area rugs. They are delighted to have Mitchell as a new family member and have renamed him Bow - he is quite bow-legged!

Mitchell is so thankful to Rita and MJ for getting him healthy and sending him to CA, and to Barbara D. for agreeing to welcome him here. He is happy to have received such a warm welcome by the Welcome Waggineers. He is grateful to Elaine and John M. for letting him spend the night after a long flight, and to Bill and Mary J. for fostering him. He also thanks Jennifer G. for finding him this terrific home. We forgot to get a picture, but Kathy promises to send one soon.

Welcome home Mitchell!