February 3, 2011

Update & photos from Lily & Travis

Attached is Lily's (Rita's Lilly) and Travis's (Rita's Elvis) Christmas picture in our backyard. This was not posed...they both got up on the bench without prompting and posed for a picture.

Lily and Travis are wonderful and always part of our family. They get along very well with each other and love to wrestle and fetch tennis balls (they live for affection, food and tennis balls!). They both seem to have a definite bed time especially Travis. Around 9:00 PM each night his eyes are heavy and he becomes a boneless furry dog. He sleeps on our bed and Lily sleeps in my daughter's bed each night. They are allowed on the family room furniture and beds and they certainly like soft places to lay down. Travis is very much a lap dog as he insists on being on one our laps in the evening in the family room. Make reading the paper somewhat challenging but fun and relaxing.

Lily likes to be with someone all the time. She is in training to be my 'Garage Dog' - not wander away when I am working in the garage with the door open. So far she is doing great. Travis likes to sit in a chair during the daytime so that he can watch - and bark from the comfort of his chair.

We love Lily and Travis!