May 30, 2012

Update from Bowler (Rita's Polo)

Polo (Bowler) is doing great. He is such a sweet boy who has really come out of his shell. At first, he seemed very insecure and maybe a little anxious, as he would follow us around everywhere. Now, he has settled in so beautifully. His favorite toy is the ball throwing holder we got at Walmart. It kind of flings the ball really far, and he loves to chase it. He will do that over and over (Hunter just gets the ball once and lays down with it). He is so young acting for his age! We took him to the dog beach in San Diego, and he loved it!

Our son Garrett recently did a Science project on "Are Dogs Right Pawed or Left Pawed?" and he used Bowler, Hunter and various dogs from the neighborhood. It was very cute! Bowler loves going for walks, and we take him every day. Hunter is on a diet and needs to lose weight, so we have been walking a lot. Bowler had an ear infection, but the vet says his ears are clear now. He is such a sweetheart!