May 23, 2012

Maggie's Jean adopted!

Congratulations to Maggie's Jean, who found her forever home with the Mettler family!

Jean is a petite little girl who was found in Taiwan without a home, and Maggie asked us to take her in. She arrived with plenty of spunk and energy, a sweet girl who was charming all the Welcome Waggin' volunteers. Tom agreed to take her home, and she proceeded to charm all of his pups as well. She's been patiently waiting for just the right family, and she found them this past weekend! The Mettlers have a pup on the older side who is content to hang out, and they were looking to add a new family member that could be more active with their kids. They looked perfect for Jean and they agreed she sounded perfect for them.

Tom brought Jean out to meet her (hopefully) new family and they were all waiting outside on the driveway to greet her. She immediately went up to the kids to give them kisses and they were delighted since Scooby doesn't give kisses. They had tennis balls waiting for her and had a blast throwing them for her - and she had a blast retrieving them. The Mettler's son is hoping she'll be able to sleep with him and he showed her how to get on the beds. Scooby is just fine with his new sister - he's got his "mini me" since he's about 120 pounds and Jean is under 50 pounds. She's settling in great and the kids can't wait to get home from school to spend time with her. Her new name is Cali.

Jean thanks Maggie, Joseph and ARTT for finding her and getting her into rescue, then to us. She thanks the Welcome Waggin' for greeting her at LAX, and Tom and his gang for hosting her until she found her furever family. She's also thankful to Brad for making sure her new home was perfect for her, and the Placement Team and PA Jo Anne for finding her a new place to call home. Attached is a picture of the new family.

Welcome home Jean!