May 18, 2012

Update from Rita's Becca

We've been so pleased with the whole rescue agency and process of getting Becca here. You guys are doing a wonderful job!

Becca is settling in nicely. We couldn't have asked for a better dog if we tried. She's exactly what we were looking for. She's already starting to open up and her personality seems to blossom more and more everyday. It breaks my heart to think about where she used to sleep at night or what other people may have treated her like before Rita found her. She is so sweet and loving that it's hard to imagine she was ever a "street dog". I took her to the vet 2 days ago to check on her allergies and ear infection as both seemed to not be getting any better with all the meds we had her on. They changed them a little and she seems instantly to be feeling so much improvement. I'm also very happy with the vet that she was seeing. We saw Dr. Borre who was wonderful and I am so happy with how much better she seems to feel. Not nearly as much itching!

Again, thank you to the whole organization for all that you have done. We are so happy to have Becca here and are giving her constant reassurance of that.
Kate and Rob