May 8, 2012

Maggie's Pie Pie adopted!

Congratulations to Maggie's Pie Pie, who found her forever home with Wally and Annette.

Pie Pie came to us last month, arriving at LAX last month with lots of smiles and energy. Although we don't know anything about her former life, we know she has a good life in front of her and she realized that when she met Wally and Annette. Wally and Annette had adopted a senior named Sparkle, a.k.a., Katie, from Carole last year. Sadly, Katie passed away due to kidney disease recently and they missed having a Golden in their homes and lives.

As soon as we told them about Pie Pie they wanted to know how quickly they could meet her - they didn't want another minute to pass without their new family member. And, when they met Pie Pie she immediately charmed them and it didn't take long at all for them to get the paperwork signed to make her an official Haven and make the drive back to Camarillo. After a day or so Pie Pie, now known as Molly, had the hang of the dog door and had also become fast friends with Wally's mom, who also lives with them. She has completely settled in and is a true member of the family. Wally is retired so is home most of the time, and when he's out and about Pie Pie has his mom for company - she's never lonely!

Pie Pie thanks Maggie and Joseph for finding her, getting her healthy and sending her to us. She thanks the Welcome Waggin' for meeting her at LAX and welcoming her to California. She also thanks Rich for temporarily fostering her, and the CP Walking Team for getting her out every day while she was at CP. She's thankful to Jeri and Joe for doing the home visit for her new family, and the Placement Team and PA Eva for finding her a terrific new family.

Welcome Home Pie Pie!