May 17, 2012

Rita's Becca adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Becca, who found her forever home with Kate and Robert.

Becca arrived from Taiwan last month, a true rescue story. She was found in the middle of a busy street last May suffering from dog bites as well as heartworms. It was speculated that Becca had been used for breeding and was discarded when she got older. Despite her tough early life, this sweet girl has a terrific personality and loves people, dogs and cats. Her Golden personality and resiliency has shone through even with everything she's gone through. Rita and MJ were able to get Becca healthy, and we were happy to welcome Becca to California to provide her with a chance at a new life. I'm so happy to say she has found that life with Kate and Robert. They haven't had a dog for awhile, but do have cats and were looking for a cat-friendly pup to add to their family. Becca was looking for a home where she would get lots of love and attention and we felt Kate and Robert could provide that as they are around most of the time. They were so excited to meet Becca when we presented her as a match! Becca is doing great and she has Kate and Robert completely under her paw!

Becca thanks Rita and MJ for rescuing her and bringing her back to good health. She thanks the Welcome Waggin' for being there when she arrived at LAX, and the CP Dog Walkers for getting her out while she was at CP. She's so grateful to her foster parents, Susan and Bart for taking great care of her while she waited for the perfect home to come along. She thanks Colleen and Joan for checking out her new home and the Placement Team and PA Lisamarie for finding her this wonderful new home

Welcome home Becca!