May 29, 2012

Rita's Apple update

Apple is a wonderful dog! Friendly to all, everyone who meets her comments on what a beautiful and sweet girl she is. We thought initially she might be jet-lagged as she seemed sleepy most of the day until dinnertime. After having her thoroughly checked by the vet, and finding her healthy, we've decided she is part cat! This works for us as we wanted a mellow dog.

Her favorite time of the day seems to be dinner. After she eats, she wakes up and races around the backyard and house for about 10 minutes. At those times, she will bark playfully and chase the tennis ball. She also LOVES her "kong" toy. We are wondering if she'll join us for a swim in the pool this summer when everyone else takes a dip...we'll see. She looks very curious about it. Most nights, she sleeps in my 9 year old daughters room on the floor by her bed.

Apple is an "only" right now as our beloved "Ricky" passed away in April after a long bout with cancer. We weren't sure how Apple would do as an "only dog" as social as goldens are. She did seem to have the blues for a couple of weeks so lots of extra affection, trips in the car and attention has been needed since her friend is not here anymore.

We couldn't be happier with her. Many heartfelt thanks and blessings to Rita for rescuing and giving Apple another chance for a loving forever home.

I've attached pictures. Isn't she beautiful?

The Bollers