May 23, 2010

Congratulations Rita's Hugo!

Rita’s Hugo made his match yesterday with Josh, Stacy and their two children. This young family just recently purchased a house and were anxious to make an addition to their family. Josh was watching the website and fell in love with Hugo. They drove up from San Diego to the kennel in Ontario, arriving an hour early so they went to breakfast, and then parked down the street until 9:00 a.m. – the time we had agreed upon for the meeting. Hugo was outside when they first arrived so they had an opportunity to watch him showing off – he has a gigantic personality that makes it very easy to fall in love with this guy. This family immediately fell in love with him. It didn’t take them long to decide that Hugo would be going home with them.

It is also noteworthy that Josh’s Mom adopted “You’ve Got a Friend” a few months ago. Josh reports that Friend is doing great – is a wonderful dog that they all love. In fact, it was Friend that encouraged Josh to work with us when he was finally in a position to have a dog.

Rita’s Hugo thanks Rita and MJ who rescued him in Taiwan and found him safe passage to the states, to this Rescue who enthusiastically welcomed him, to the IE dog walkers who kept him in good spirits while he waited for a home, to Julie W. for taking wonderful photos of him for the website, to Jennifer G. for seeing to his medical care, to Barbara R. for doing the home check and to Pat J. for facilitating the meeting. And of course, none of this would have happened if Barbara D. didn’t coordinate everything. Good teamwork everyone!