May 12, 2010

Rita's Angelina adopted!

Rita's Angelina went home on Saturday with the Lessers and their dog, Zoey, on Saturday morning! Angelina actually met three different families before selecting the Lessers; apparently the fact that Angelina had been debarked was not attractive to some people! It's just as well, as the Lessers, including Zoey, appreciated Angelina for all her special gifts, and off they went to start their new life on the west side!

Angie owes her life and passage to the States to Rita and MJ, who took her in, nursed her and sent her off to a land of golden opportunities. She's also grateful to the Welcome Waggin' crew, who greeted her at LAX and made sure her entry into the new country was friendly and safe. Angie's also appreciative of Kate J. and family, who gave her a place to stay while she picked over the applications; to Bethany "Marathon Woman" who found her this lovely home; and finally, to Barbara D., for representing Angelina and ensuring her final destination.

Nice teamwork, everybody!