May 17, 2010

Update from Ollie (formerly Rita's Boss)

Hi All,

An update and a few pictures of Ollie (Rita's Boss, adopted in December 2009).

We have learned that Ollie is quite a water dog. He loves the snow! We took him on a hike to the Pacific Crest Trail in the Wrightwood area last month. He enjoyed the hike, but especially loved making "puppy angels." He was so curious about all of the things to see and smell in the mountains! Now that it has gotten warm on some afternoons, he likes to jump right in to a small stream that runs along one of our walking paths near home.

He has proven to be a wonderful companion. Very loyal but also interested in other people and dogs as well. He has his routine now. He knows the signs that tell when its time to eat, walk, play, get a treat, get brushed, go to bed. These are his favorite things. When he is excited, he spins in circles. Although he definitely likes water, he still doesn't care for baths! He is not overly fond of car rides, either, but usually finds the activity at the end worth the trip.

We are always grateful to everyone who has helped him get to us!