May 5, 2010

Postcard from A-Fu, now Otto

Otto's personality is apparent to everybody he meets. He's a charmer - a real mellow fellow. I was absolutely dead on when I nicknamed him the George Clooney of goldens when I first saw his picture. Otto's gorgeous and the people who admire him often find themselves enthralled in his presence. And they always introduce themselves to him first!

Otto's kind, gentle and loving to all animals he meets - people, canines, felines - except squirrels. Those rascals and their wily tails unleash Otto's chasing instincts, so I get a nice resistance workout when we encounter one on our neighborhood walks. I've discovered his favorite activity is fetching (yay!) and he loves carrying around his big Kong tennis ball around everywhere we go.

Otto's best friends are a Dachshund named Dax and an Alaskan Klee Kai named Dexter. They run circles around him and steal his toys, but he loves to give chase (and secretly just lets them win anyway).

Those who tell me how lucky Otto is to be picked up from the streets of Taiwan, cleaned, fed, flown and adopted by a SoCal mom is wrong. They are so wrong! They neglect to realize how my life is absolutely filled with so much love because of this big handsome blond drooler. I love my Otto-bahn. Photo album, HERE.