May 2, 2010

Rita's Bella adopted!

As of today, Rita's Bella has a new address. Bill and Susan W. came down to see this little oriental beauty this afternoon. When Bella came out to the yard where Bill and Susan were waiting, it was like they were watching a debutant coming down the stairs. They both were charmed by this sweet little girl finally in person (they've been watching her videos online). They threw a tennis ball which Bella promptly fetched and brought back. They both had doggie biscuits hidden in their pockets and gave her when she sat in front of them.

Bella will be spoiled rotten. Both Bill and Susan assured me of that. They brought a brand new red collar (which was a little too big for Bella - she'll get a smaller one), a matching leash, and brand new toys one of which she carried in her mouth when they drove off. Susan said there are tons of toys at home waiting for Princess Bella.

Bella would like to send her heartfelt thanks to Rita and MJ for saving her life (from the shelter AND the illness) and sending her off to the U.S. to find her forever home. She also appreciates the wonderful Welcome Waggin' committee who welcomed her and her buddies in their arms when they touched down early April. Also a special paw touch and nose lick from Bella to Eva I. and Hayley for finding her new Mom and Dad. And thank you to Mariko and the boys for being such a devoted foster family! Finally, Bella sends her appreciation to Barbara D. for overseeing the whole process.