May 18, 2010

Jack, Michael, Fiona and Pang-Pang are here!

Jack, Michael, Fiona and Pang-Pang arrived safe and sound last night, but not without some drama as their passenger escort got hung up in Immigration with some visa issues which caused the pooches to wait in the holding area for several hours, and kept the Waggineers hovering in the waiting area as well. But they hung in and were there to greet the happy travelers and make their first footfalls on US soil a joyful one.

Much gratitude and bonus brownie points to crew chief Ira L., and his team of Marty F., Adrienne B., Sandra D. and Pam E. Thanks to Marty and Sandra for providing overnights, as well as to Jo B. and Kriss H. who made some space at home for the travelers as well.