May 24, 2010

Update on Rita's Kim, now Liu Liu

During the past three wonderful weeks that Liu Liu has joined our family, our lives have been definitely brightened! Liu Liu is very intelligent, very affectionate, and very cute. During Liu Liu's daily walks, she always seems to receive a compliment on her good looks. (Just today a passerby commented on our gorgeous dog, and another lady exclaimed, "What a beautiful child!")

Liu Liu especially loves joining her family on the tennis court where she is very good at shagging balls off the court and chasing balls all around. (We think Liu Liu prefers the tennis court over the local dog park, and definitely gets more exercise on the court!) At home, Liu Liu craves human touch which we love to oblige her. Liu Liu follows us all around the house, and everytime we sit down, Liu Liu lays her head in our laps. Liu Liu loves to be held and to snuggle with us. If we sit down at a computer, Liu Liu will nudge us until one of our hands is touching or petting her.

During the daytime, Liu Liu has recently started to sunbathe in our backyard. She also likes to dig, and has buried several chew bones that we bought for her. Every week day afternoon, Liu Liu waits a few minutes behind the front door right before the children arrive home from school. Liu Liu knows that when the children come home, they will spend a long time playing with her.

Liu Liu has become territorial of her house and backyard, and is sure to let us know if a non-pack member (e.g. gardener) arrives. Liu Liu prefers that such non-pack members hurry up with their work and leave so that she can resume her sunbathing undisturbed!

Although Liu Liu is pretty well-behaved, she will start a dog training class in two weeks where we anticipate her to shine. This summer, we plan to take Liu Liu with us to the mountains where we look forward to hiking with her, hopefully, off-leash. We also plan to introduce her to the beach.

We have been extremely blessed to have Liu Liu as part of our family. We love this wonderful, affectionate, and beautiful dog so much, and consider ourselves to be the lucky ones!

The Piibe Family