September 7, 2012

Many thanks for rescuing Finnegan (Rita's Pudding)

He is one happy guy as you can see by the photos. He loves his new family and all the extended family, especially when they come to swim.

Finnegan is on medication for his skin allergies and just had surgery on his foot for a growth between the pads on his left foot. Stitches come out in a few weeks. - and then it is back to his routine of having fun, fun, fun.

There is nothing that keeps this guy down - he loves to walk and run, swim with the family, loves riding in cars with his head out the window, checking out the neighborhood. He couldn't be a more sweet. We should have called him Peanut Butter - for he loves his pills with peanut butter.

Again, many thanks for making it possible to be Mom and Dad to our sweet boy. We are blessed to have him in our family.