September 1, 2012

Update from Rita's Chi Chi

She is the love of our life. She is perhaps the best behaved dog we’ve ever had. She is so good all the time, and honestly she just has a happy attack after every meal. She rolls around, chases the other dogs, and just is a happy girl. Believe it or not, we wanted a bigger back yard for her, so we put the house up for sale. We actually couldn’t find anything comparable to what we had size and view wise (without a pool), so we decided to stay in the house, and now we’re going thru a backyard makeover.

She is an important part of our family though, and we adore every moment we have with her. She’s just the best girl ever! Tell Rita thank you for saving her…now we are spoiling her rotten, and she seems really very happy. If we just look at her, her tail goes a waggin! .

Thank you,