September 7, 2012

Update from Rita's Marvin

It's been 8 months since Marvin came to us and I can honestly say he's settled in nicely. He used to be afraid of water and of the night time and I think the California lifestyle has broken him of those fears. He started liking swimming pools in the last few weeks. He still doesn't retrieve as much as I'd like but he loves to do tricks (Speak, sit, crawl, shake, lie down, sit up, etc). The next one we're working on is back up and wave. Marvin has such a mellow disposition that many people think he's still a puppy. But is typical California fashion, the women love him and he loves women.

Marvin has been quite the joy in our lives for the past 8 months and we are looking forward to many more years ahead. Hopefully these picture will give you a sense of what a California Boy he is now.

Many thanks, Rita. Also, thanks for connecting with me on FB as well. Hopefully, you will be able to come to California sometime and see the wonderful legacy you have started here.

Gary and Dao