September 7, 2012

Update from Charlie (Rita's Rudy)

Our darling Charlie is happy, loves his brother Sam to pieces and they enjoy each other so much. The unfortunate beginning proved worthless as they have grown close as brothers and we are so delighted to have him in our family.

We think Charlie has grown a lot--in height as well as girth. He is now getting less to eat as a diet is in order. He loves to play ball better known as fetch and then immediately finds himself on the top step of the pool trying to cool off. It is adorable to see but the pool man is not too happy with that whole thing.

One strange thing about him is that he does not like to have the underside of his body nor the back of his hind legs brushed. Wonder what might be the cause of that? Volumes of hair are removed from him daily but it does not help the endless shedding.

Regardless, we would not trade him in for anything. We all love our Charlie to bits and now he even crosses the threshold without being coaxed. We thank the good Lord for him daily.