September 26, 2012

Update from Travis (Rita's Elvis) & Rita's Lily

We love Travis! He and Lily are my two other kids. Travis has a very unique personality. He is full of life and tennis ball chasing energy. He still is very much a lap dog. He a Lily get along great, although Lily is the alpha dog in house. About a year ago we went on a two-week 3,000 mile motor home trip to Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone National Parks, and Mount Rushmore. Travis and Lily got to bark at Deer, Elk, Buffalo, Horses, and Sheep. One of the attached pictures is from a pass in Wyoming. The other is more recent in the house kitchen. Julie is very good at working around the dogs.

Both Travis and Lily go camping and hiking. They are great traveling buddies. We have a lot of stories about Travis and many many pictures of both dogs.

Thank-you so much for making life with Travis possible, and for all you do to help dogs and getting them together with families.