September 1, 2012

Update from Rita's Chance

Chance is doing really well - now.

The most amazing story about Chance is when we took him to see his new Vet Dr. Y. about one week after getting Chance. This was our first visit ever with Dr. Y but she came highly recommended. Chance weighed in at a sad 47 pounds - his coat was less than healthy. Dr. Y took a look at Chance - asked us how old we thought he was - at which point we said we thought he was 3-4 years old. Dr. Y checked him thoroughly, looked at his teeth and gums - and said based on how he looks, he is likely to be closer to 8 years old. My son Michael burst into tears - turned to me and said I cannot fall in love with Chance and lose him in only a few years. Michael and I had a lot to talk about - and consider.

We talked about it for the next couple of days - and agreed that we had already fallen in love with Chance - and with lots more love, exercise and good food - he would be able to live a happier life by being with us. We fed Chance puppy food for 4-6 weeks, had him groomed, and gave him lots and lots of love and attention. We took Chance back to Dr. Y for a wellness check up and to have his teeth cleaned. When Dr. Y walked into the exam room - she saw my son, looked at Chance and said - "so you did not keep the other dog?" - Michael said - yes we did - this is Chance. Dr. Y was absolutely blown away how different Chance looked from 2 months earlier - he was happy, his coat was beautiful and his weight had gone from 47 to 60. NOW Dr. Y and the girls in her office ask about Chance if we don't bring him in with our other pup (corgy/terrier mix girl named Brodie). The Vet office refers to Chance as the miracle boy from Taiwan! Chance is a big love.

I am attaching three photos - one of just Chance, one with his sister Brodie, one with his number one buddy, my son Michael.