September 1, 2012

Update from Rita's Becca

We are just so in love with Becca. Since we've had her she has really come into her own. She is our little social butterfly who just wants to meet everyone! She has made so many friends in the neighborhood, and gets told everyday how beautiful she is. She was a little timid at first but has truly shown her personality, which is so wonderful to watch.

Unfortunately Becca has had a lot of issues with allergies and her ears. We have still not fully resolved her itching issues or fully cleared her ears of all infection or inflammation, but the vet is working very hard with us at trying to make her problem free once and for all. She had to have surgery about 6 weeks ago for an ear hematoma caused by all her scratching and she's on daily allergy medications. Fingers crossed that we can get this resolved once and for all!

I've sent some pictures so everyone can enjoy her smiling face as much as we do. Her favorite things are car rides (!!!), her friends Mystic, Buddy and Rex, naps, treats, sniffing, snuggling and squirrels. Her least favorite things are dogs that don't play, ear cleanings...and squirrels.  We're happy to report that her favorites outweigh the others. She went in the ocean the other day for the first time, only up to her chest, but she had fun running and playing with the other dogs. She's not quite sure about the waves but liked the water. I had to include a picture of that because she was just too cute, hiding behind momma's legs at first.

We owe Rita so much for this wonderful dog. She is truly the best.

Utmost thanks and love,
Kate, Rob and Becca