September 12, 2012

Rita's Polly adopted!

Rita's Polly was rescued in Taiwan by Rita and MJ in July, 2011, and made her way to the United States in January, 2012. She had hip problems and we were able to correct her one hip soon after she arrived. Polly's progress was slow at the veterinary hospital. I had an opening at my house and, once in a home environment, Polly healed more quickly and proved to be a very sweet, playful and easygoing gal.

Wendy and Kaz were familiar with Polly since they are regular walkers at Culver Palms and then began fostering after my pestering. As most foster parents know, the first foster is pretty hard to let go and their memory always stays with you so I gave them a bit of time after their first foster was adopted to a new family before I asked them to take in another.

Wendy and Kaz offered to take Polly in and free up some space at my house and Polly got along famously with their resident canines. Her hip healing progressed even faster at their home with their walking regimen. Polly also won the heart of Wendy and Kaz's daughter, Emily, and son, Ben. The tipping point came when I called Wendy and asked her and Polly to join me on KTLA morning weekly dog adoption segment. Emily decided that there would be too many people who would want Polly after seeing her on TV and decided that she needed to stay where she was.

Thank you to our amazing partners in Taiwan, Rita and MJ, for rescuing this sweet girl. Thank you, Sandy, for arranging her transfer, taking her in and giving her the medical treatment she needed for her hip provided by the wonderful doctors and staff at Culver Palms Animal Hospital.